PHP Test 8

Which of the following will not combine strings $s1 and $s2 into a single string?
Given a variable $email containing the string [email protected], which of the following statements would extract the string
Given a comma-separated list of values in a string, which function from the given list can create an array of each individual value with a single call?
What is the best all-purpose way of comparing two strings?
Which of the following PCRE regular expressions best matches the string php|architect?
Which of the following functions can be used to determine the integrity of a string?
What happens if you add a string to an integer using the + operator?
The ___________ function can be used to compare two strings using a case-insensitive binary algorithm?
Which of the following functions can be used to convert the binary data stored in a string into its hexadecimal representation?
^[A-Za-z].* matches
^[0-9]{5}(\-[0-9]{4})?$ matches
How do you get information from a form that is submitted using the "get" method?
What's the best way to copy a file from within a piece of PHP?
PHP code is embedded directly into XHTML document?
Is it possible to submit a form with out a submit button?
What is the out put?
$x=array("aaa","ttt","www","ttt","yyy","tttt"); $y=array_count_values($x); echo $y[ttt];
In php Which method is used to getting browser properties?
What is the expansion of LAMP?
What is the output?
$x=array(1,3,2,3,7,8,9,7,3); $y=array_count_values($x); echo $y[8];
Which of the following function is used to pick one or more random values from PHP Array?
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