PHP Test 3

A variable $word is set to "HELLO WORLD", which of the following script returns in title case?
The difference between include() and require()
Which of the following method sends input to a script via a URL?
Which of the following method is suitable when you need to send larger form submissions?
Which of the following mode of fopen() function opens a file only for writing. If a file with that name does not exist, attempts to create anew file. If the file exist, place the file pointer at the end of the file after all other data.
The function setcookie( ) is used to
To work with remote files in PHP you need to enable
In mail($param1, $param2, $param3, $param4), the $param2 contains
mysql_connect( ) does not take following parameter.
Study following steps and determine the correct order.
(1) Open a connection to MySql server
(2) Execute the SQL query
(3) Fetch the data from query
(4) Select database
(5) Close Connection
Which of the following is not a session function?
When uploading a file if the UPLOAD_ERR-OK contains value 0 it means.

Which of the following delimiter syntax is PHP's default delimiter syntax.
a. <%  %>
b. <?php ?>
c. <?   ?>
d. <script language="php"> </script>

Which of the following statement produce different output.
a. <P="This is php example"; ?>
b. <?echo "This is php example"; ?>
c. <?PHP echo "This is php example"; php?>
d. <script language="php"> print "This is php example";</script>

Php supports all four different ways of delimiting. In this context identify the false statement.
Which of following commenting is supported by Php.
To produce the output I love the summer time, Which of the following statement should be used?
a. <?php print("<P>I love the summer time</p>");?>
b. <?php $season = "summer time"; print("<P>I love the $season</p>"); ?>
c. <?php $message = "I love the $season"; echo $message; ?>
What's the best way to copy a file from within a piece of PHP?
PHP code is embedded directly into XHTML document?
Is it possible to submit a form with out a submit button?
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